We have in mind a space which goes beyond imagination.

The ability to imagine leads man to achieve hitherto unthinkable projects. This constant exchange of information between dream and rationality, between the beautiful and the useful, represents our idea of innovation. In this sense, we can claim to be a truly innovative company. Our idea of innovation is not limited to the future only. That would be tedious and would probably not last for long. For us, innovation rather means being heedful to history, while looking towards tomorrow; innovation which is both wise and revolutionary, respectful and rebellious, a means of creating appealing, intelligent and exciting design. We look at the spaces we have designed, we think of those which are not yet part of our present... and there we find all this.

So just what is technology?
Infinite power and potential.

Technology lets our imaginations roam free; we can build, play, evolve, amaze, improve and have expectations. In short, it lets us do a great deal. We always want to go one step further: beyond the designs of our dreams and our expectations of shape; beyond the very definitions of functionality, quality, durability and safety. This desire to go beyond is our challenge to everything. In concrete terms, this is how it works: we develop our models using sophisticated 3D design technologies. We generate the structures by interpolation using a system of actuators able to guarantee exceptionally high quality standards and allowing us to develop extremely complex shapes. We can only continue our constant research in the field of shape and the social and environmental aspects of urban furniture by exchanging ideas, keeping up-to-date with latest developments and experimentation.

Is a wooden plank supported by two pedestals really enough to create a bench?
Is a hollow cylinder already in itself a waste bin?

If this were so, then perhaps there would be no reason for Modo to exist. And the very term "urban furniture" would be just a great misunderstanding. But what does furnishing a space actually mean? Making it usable, in perfect harmony with the surrounding context. But also, knowing how to build synergies between the objects and the space, so that the space itself becomes something more than just somewhere to pass through, live or know. We define ourselves as the creators of a precise urban design idea which effectively satisfies the requirements of the market, while at the same time offering the citizen a truly creative and never banal horizon, where beauty and the alternative influence the community's urban and mental spaces.

Design is a Game.
Design can become a delightful game.

Design is a game: to remind us that our work must be an invitation to interact with what we are designing. To remind us that our favourite game is our work itself, made up of research and perfection, ideas and substance. To remind us that an idea can make the difference when it successfully initiates dialogue between details and needs, stimuli and structures, in a game of design and creativity which becomes truly collective, whatever it may be.

Each product has a different history, conceived to add value to our daily life.

Everything conceived and constructed in Modo stands out for its modern innovative design, fruit of the enthusiastic research of our in-house team and collaboration with Italy's leading architects and designers. For us, objects and solutions do not exist just to perform a function. We rather think of ideas always able to bring something new to the field of urban furniture, such as the interactive "Science Park" game system created in collaboration with architect Tobia Repossi, and some of the elements developed with architect Mitzi Bollani as part of the "Design for all" project.

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